Q. How to use Leased line mode in -48Vdc.

A. Add 10u/50v in wire line.


Q. WireSpan 3000/4000/5000B Distance rage.



(2 Wire )


(2 Wire )


(2 Wire )

  Line speed




24AWG ( 26AWG )




* ( 4 Wire )

  256Kbps     6.2(4.3)Km  



Q. How is the Leased-Line application connected to the Windows 2000 RAS System?

A. For Windows 98/2000, you can just use a cable to connect it.


Q. In a Windows 98 environment, how do you dial-in to the Winn 4.0 Server?

A. Install the driver's NULL MODEM.


Q. In PLC, how do you configure the settings?

A. LCD model Protocol memu ---> Modem mode ---> Direct mode

For Stand-Alone, use the HyperTerminal / Telix .... set AT command AT&Q0&W. Before the Modem, you must follow the conditions for N 8 1 DTE speed = DCE speed.


Q. How do you allow for Flow-Control?

A. For software: (Xon/ Xoff)

hardware RTS/ CTS - you need to have compatability between the modem and the terminal. When changing hardware, the effects on the modem are simultaneous. We suggest using hardware flow-control. If the tests are conducted in synchronized/ asynchronized direct modes, then the modem's flow-control will not work.


Q. How do I obtain Atrie's Window NT Driver?

A. You can download ATRIE 1.7 INF from our webpage, or click on the link HERE.


Q. ChungHwa Telecom informed me that Atrie modems must be adapted to the Tx level. How do I obtain this setting?

A. LCD model: Modem menu ---> L.L LvL ---> -4 ~ 30dBm
Stand-Alone: Use compatible HyperTerminal / Telix .... set AT comman ATS99=4~30


Q. I need the modem dip-switch menu tree/card.

A. 2842 288RE 336RE 9642 288LCD


Q. FOR ATRIE 288 LCD Factory Profile Default Setting.

A. here ( The EPRROM version must be LA 2.3 or above? )


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