Dual Port Rack Modem Series - Atrie 288 RM II
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288 RM II
Key Features


Modulation Multi-dimension TCM(2400 ~ 33600bps), QAM&TCM (4800 ~ 14400 bps), QAM(2400bps), DPSK(1200bps), FSK(0 ~ 300bps)
Compatibility ITU-T V.34/V.32bis/V.32/V.22bis/V.22/V.21/V.23, VFC, Bell 103/212A/V.13 HDX
Operation Full duplex or simulated half duplex signalling on 2-wire PSTN or 2 wire leased line, Power-on auto dial-up with auto re-dial, Power-on leased line auto connection, Auto dial, Auto answer, Manual dial, Manual answer.
Rack Size 32 ports ( 16 pieces) per Rack with LCD control card in Standard 19" Rack Shelf
19" / 482mm (L) X 8.3" / 210mm (W) X 6.9" / 175mm (H)
DTE Speed 115200 / 57600 / 38400 / 19200 / 9600 / 4800 / 2400 / 1200 / 300bps
Error Control ITU-T V.42 and MNP4
Compression ITU-T V.42bis and MNP5
Command Coimpatible Hayes 'AT' Extended command set or V.25bis command set
Diagnostic Loop back test (Digital, Analog, Remote Digital)with test pattern, power on self test
Flow Control Xon / Xoff, CTS / RTS, DTR / DSR uni- or bi-directional
Front Panel 7 LED status displays ( MR, DTR, CTS, CD,RD,TD,SL )
LCD Controller Operation by menu driven with password lock
Security Call back security with Max.20 telephone numbers and password
Retrain Auto or manual-retrain with fall forward / fallback rate negotiation
Storage Max. 10 telephone numbers and 4 user profiles
Remote Configuration Full function configurable through front panel LCD via Secondary Channel
Receive Sensitivity -4 to -43 dBm
Transmit Level Selectable from 0 to -31 dBm
Call Progress Monitor Busy tone, Dial tone, Ring back
Cellular Phone Protocol MNP 10
GIII Fax ITU-T V.17/V.29/V.27ter/V.21 ch2
EIA class 1/2
Line Interface RJ-45 modular jack or 8 position terminal block
Terminal Interface EIA RS-232C D-type 25 pin connector


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